Helping Hands: Student Pharmacists Host First-Ever WebEx Last Lecture

Written By: Jennifer Miller, Fourth-Year Student Pharmacist

Editor’s Note: This post is part of a series of Helping Hands stories authored by School of Pharmacy faculty, staff, students, trainees, and alumni who stepped up to assist their family and friends, colleagues, and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is a tradition for the graduating class to nominate their favorite faculty from their time at the School of Pharmacy to meet for the “Last Lecture.” This event is not for us to hear one more time about carbon-carbon bonds or agent related variables, but rather a time for faculty to send the class off with words of wisdom, financial advice (Dr. Mattingly), and other kind sentiments. For obvious reasons, holding this tradition in person in Pharmacy Hall this year was not possible, so instead, the first ever “WebEx Last Lecture” was attended from more than 75 different living rooms and couches on May 8.

Students of the graduating class (and some of their pets) tuned in for the more than three-hour event on a Friday afternoon. Eighteen faculty members (and some adorably reluctant children) went above and beyond to join the event LIVE, dress up, and speak. I say “dress up” not only to commend them donning actual-getting-out-of-bed-adult clothing, but also Dr. Boyle’s full regalia, Dr. Trovato’s chicken hat, Dr. Layson-Wolf’s crazy glasses, Dr. McPherson’s tiara, and Dr. Watson’s fabulous rendition of the little mermaid. The event was fun, energetic, positive (though some tears may have been shed), and all around a time that I will never forget. Though we would have all loved to see each other in person, coming together that evening as a class and as a community was a pretty great way to spend our last Friday evening as non-PharmDs.

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