My UMSOP Story: Jessica Rowe, MS ’16, quality and education director, Yale Cancer Center

Jessica Rowe, MS ’16, is an alumnus of the MS in Regulatory Science program. She is now the director of quality and education at the Yale Cancer Center clinical trials office.

What drew you to the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy’s MS in Regulatory Science program?

When I went through the program in 2016, I was already working at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, so I felt very comfortable going into a program that I knew was being directed by the faculty I had worked with in the past. But there also weren’t a lot of regulatory science programs available at the time. As I was looking to further my education, I really wanted a program that was going to be robust and meet my needs, and this fit the bill.

What interested you in a degree in regulatory science?

One of the reasons that I sought the regulatory science degree out is because I had a really strong background in the liberal arts. What I didn’t have was a strong background in that science piece of research. The regulatory science program really helped me get that full perspective and understand the process of drug development from A to B, including that clinical trials piece. As I was growing in my career, I was able to apply what I was learning through that program to the different pieces of my career and really being able to understand that entire process and not just one piece of it.

What was your experience like in the MS in Regulatory Science program?

One of my favorite things about the MS program was getting to work with my peers in the program. We all came from different spaces in the clinical research field. Some people worked for the FDA or wanted to work for the FDA. Some were in industry. Some were in academia. It really allowed me an opportunity to learn beyond the course content because I got to have great discussions with my peers.

What is your advice to prospective students who might be considering this program?

My advice is really think about what your career goals are but don’t focus on whether you want to go into basic science or industry or FDA because this program has something for everybody, regardless of where you end up in your career.

I think my pathway and my career is probably more non-traditional than most of the graduates of this program, but it was still incredibly beneficial to me. Don’t limit yourself just thinking, “oh I don’t want to go into industry, so this program is not for me.” The program really benefits anyone in any course they take in this field.

About the MS in Regulatory Science program: The MS in Regulatory Science program addresses all major areas of drug product regulatory science, including chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC); clinical research; and post-approval surveillance, as well as drug discovery. Learn more and apply today.

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