Written By: Lauren Groft, First-Year Student Pharmacist

Each year during the holiday season, the Phi Delta Chi Professional Fraternity at the School of Pharmacy hosts a “Can Castle Competition” to collect canned goods for the Maryland Food Bank. It’s a great opportunity for all of the classes to engage in a light-hearted competition while supporting a good cause. This year’s competition was held on Dec. 3.

Teams were created based on class year, with members doing their best to put a creative spin on the castles constructed from donated canned goods. The Class of 2019 built a massive ship — the SS PH (in honor of Pharmacy Hall) — which was accompanied by other nautical-themed structures. The Class of 2018 used their canned goods to recreate the Baltimore skyline, including Pharmacy Hall, Camden Yards, and many other Baltimore landmarks. The Class of 2017 constructed a replica of M&T Bank Stadium, featuring a special appearance by former Ravens’ player Ray Lewis!

With their busy rotation schedules, members of the Class of 2016 were unable to participate in the competition in-person this year. However, alumni were happy to fill the void by donating most of the canned goods used in the competition. Faculty members Drs. Andy Coop, Steven Fletcher, and Tim Rocafort, also gave their time to judge the competition.

Overall, the event was a tremendous success. The Class of 2019 and its SS PH can castle rose above the rest to take home the gold and put an end to the third-year class’ two-year winning streak, and — most importantly — we were able to donate an astonishing 3,440 pounds of canned goods and non-perishable foods to the Maryland Food Bank. We cannot wait until next year’s competition to see if we can break this new record!

Can Castle Competition (2015)

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