Helping Hands: My Daughter’s Hero

Written By: Min-li Cary, PharmD ’08, School of Pharmacy Alumna

Editor’s Note: This post is part of a series of Helping Hands stories authored by School of Pharmacy faculty, staff, students, trainees, and alumni who stepped up to assist their family and friends, colleagues, and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like all Maryland public school students, my nine-year-old daughter has been introduced to online distance learning over the past few weeks. One of her assignments was to write an opinion piece on a person she believes to be a hero. She immediately and excitedly began working on her paragraph. After a few minutes, I peaked at her project. She had clearly stated her opinion, gave several reasons for her viewpoint, and ended with an enthusiastic conclusion. Who did she write about? Her daddy, Rai Cary, a School of Pharmacy alumnus and pharmacist at Finksburg Pharmacy, who has been working every day in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, risking his safety so that his customers and assisted living facility residents can continue to receive the life-saving medications and supplies they need.

The pharmacists at Finksburg Pharmacy have been on the front lines of this crisis, providing free curb-side assistance and delivery, ordering extra gloves, sanitizer, masks, and cleaning supplies (when available) for those in need, as well as continuing the everyday operations and workflow at the pharmacy. They have shown up every day with smiles on their faces, even though you can’t see it with their masks on. When her daddy gets home, we can’t hug him or kiss him. He immediately wipes down his car, takes his shoes off in the garage, throws his clothes in the laundry, and jumps in the shower. We can only hope that the precautions he takes at the pharmacy and at home will be enough to keep him, the staff, and our family safe and well. We couldn’t be prouder of the staff at Finksburg Pharmacy for their hard work, dedication, and loyalty to our community and each other. I agree wholeheartedly with my daughter on this one — all pharmacy staff are heroes, today and every day.

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